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The long-awaited new Tourniquet album. 10 brand new songs. Produced, engineered, and mixed by Neil Kernon.Includes a free autographed postcard! (limited time offer)


“A stellar piece of technical metal mayhem” – HM Magazine

“Listen if you dare. Be changed upon hearing it.” – The Phantom Tollbooth

“Antiseptic Bloodbathis a bizarrely beautiful masterpiece.” – Indie Vision Music

“Easily finds a spot on my “year’s best” list.” – The New Review

“A combination of all the strong elements of Tourniquet” – Lords of Metal

“The metal legends have dropped another killer album” – Patton on Music

“Was it worth the wait? Yes, it has been worth the wait.” – Untombed Magazine

Tourniquet has finally awakened and set free the behemoth Antiseptic Bloodbath. After nine years of silence, Tourniquet treats their listeners with the finest array of metal anyone could ask for. Kirkpatrick, the mastermind, organizes all of these ingredients to create ten tracks that consist of blistering percussion, perfectly-placed breakdowns, sweeping arpeggiation, beautiful melodies, amazing guitar solos and countless riffs that would have your grandma headbanging along. Antiseptic Bloodbath is a bizarrely beautiful masterpiece. If you don’t have it, go get it. If you do have it, run to the mirror and give yourself a congratulatory wink. You are a winner. 4.99999 out of 5 – Taylor C. – Indie Vision Music

Beware all partakers of auditory indulgence when consuming the latest offering from Tourniquet, as it may become habit forming. Antiseptic Bloodbath has finally found its way into the collective musical cosmos and worth the wait it is. Ted Kirkpatrick and company have provided a new musical balm to sooth the impatience of their rabid and devoted fan base. Antiseptic Bloodbath provides the technical excellence that fans have come to expect and will be rewarded handsomely. Whether it’s interweaving elements of classical progressions with furious guitar and tremendous percussive play, this release is the real deal. Musical compositions such as “Fed By Ravens Eaten by Vultures” (this writer’s favorite) or “The Maiden Who Slept in a Glass Coffin” exhibit depth and strong songwriting sensibilities. The guitar sound on this release is infectious and benefits many of the songs, “Chart of the Elements,” the title track, “86 Bullets” for example. Tight, punchy and plenty of drive. Speaking of guitar playing, a true amalgam of styles and players appear, including Marty Friedman, Bruce Franklin (Trouble), Pat Travers, Karl Sanders (Nile), Santiago Dobles (Aghora) and, of course, Aaron Guerra – Tourniquet’s own master of the 6-string. Ted has never played better and adds so much to each song by his playing it’s amazing. Luke has delivered another fine vocal performance and sounds at the top of his game. What more can be said? What more should be said? The lyrical content is deep and thought-provoking as we’ve all come to expect from Tourniquet. Biblical concepts delivered in a package that is guaranteed to stir discussion. The long and short of it is this, Tourniquet’s newest album Antiseptic Bloodbath is a stellar piece of technical metal mayhem that deserves its place on the highest tier of releases this year. Kevin Crothers – HM Magazine

The quality of this release is overwhelmingly tight in musicianship and production. Not one track is weak in the whole batch. This metal stew serves up a chockfull righteous in-yer-face goodness that refuses to let up. Replay-ability is necessary. Listen if you dare. Be changed upon hearing it. 5 out of 5

– Brad Snyder – The Phantom Tollbooth

When a band releases a few downright brilliant albums, they’re expected to make every proceeding album to be just as amazing, but in the case of Tourniquet, can they deliver? Let’s see… We expect TQT to be able to seamlessly weave jazzy rhythms and orchestral passages into their music. TQT has delivered with The Maiden Who Slept in the Glass Coffin and Lost Language of the Andamans. We expect TQT to lay down a strong groove. TQT has delivered with Chamunda Temple Stampede and Chart of the Elements. We expect TQT to provide intelligent thought provoking lyrics. TQT has delivered with Duplicitous Endeavor. We expect TQT to do something a little different each time, while still having the sound that we remember from the past. TQT has delivered with Fed by Ravens, Eaten by Vultures. We expect TQT to provide a solid slab of thrash. TQT has delivered with Antiseptic Bloodbath. The closing track, Fed by Ravens, Eaten by Vultures, is an absolute masterpiece, combining everything we have come to expect from Tourniquet. 4.5/5 – Rowland Gwynne – Untombed Magazine

A considerable time may have elapsed since the previous release, the band’s new album still holds the oh-so-typical elements, with the integration of classical music in their guitar riffs and constantly changing time signatures up front. The technical, progressive line in their melodic thrash is also present on ‘Antiseptic Bloodbath’. This also applies to the ever beautiful drumming of Ted Kirkpatrick, that at times (e.g. ‘Fed By Ravens, Eaten By Vultures’) is back at its’ unprecedented height. The barrage of riffs and tempo changes meant that the album needed some time to land, but since that has happened it is obvious that tracks like ‘Lost Language Of The Andamans’ and ‘Fed By Ravens, Eaten By Vultures’ really can be counted among the better work that Tourniquet has ever released. Nine years of waiting … but it was worth it! 86/100 – Patrick – Lords of Metal


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