ANTISEPTIC BLOODBATH – 2 CD bundle – vocal and voiceless


ANTISEPTIC BLOODBATH – 2 CD bundle – vocal and voiceless

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Get BOTH the vocal version and the voiceless version at a discount!

Here is something that fans have been requesting on virtually all the Tourniquet albums. For lack of a better term, due to the “musical” nature of our tunes, people have often asked “Can you also release this as …an instrumental album?” With ANTISEPTIC BLOODBATH “VOICELESS” – we are doing just that.

The album has been remastered in New York specifically as an instrumental release and it sounds amazing. There are no vocals and no voices – it is “voiceless”. What remains is the music, including all the awesome guitar solos.

My songwriting, as many of you know, comes in part from a deep passion for classical music, so to release Antiseptic Bloodbath in its entirety as an instrumental piece seems quite natural. The song structures become more transparent and move further to the front – so you will notice and hear things you hadn’t before. Aaron’s two songs add a cool element to the album – recorded on guitars tuned higher in the key of E Flat instead of low C.

The cover, done by renowned metal album artist Travis Smith, is an alternate version we had of the original. If Tourniquet were a “three chord” band, this would probably not be a good idea. But we think you will find this “voiceless” version interesting and enjoyable – fully able to stand on its own as a unique listening experience. As always, thank you – the fans – for allowing us to continue doing what we love – making music. – Ted

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