When Aaron originally showed interest in the vocalist position for Tourniquet he mentioned that he played guitar. One year later in 1994 he auditioned for the guitarist spot and joined the band just before heading out on the road in support of the soon to be released Vanishing Lessons.

Aaron was born in Reno, Nevada & grew up in the small town of Stagecoach. Music was always a part of Aaron’s family (his father’s band often rehearsed right in their living room!). Aaron’s father taught him how to play guitar at the age of 8 after he first dabbled a little on the drums. In fact, when he moved to LA after joining Tourniquet he was playing in Final Notice, a band he formed with his father. Some of the early influences that really inspired his interest in playing ranged from Zeppelin/The Who/Hendrix/ZZ Top to more modern players such as Angus Young, Dave Mustaine, and Marty Friedman.

Aaron is a very precise rhythm player and his strong sense of melody for leads can be heard on Tourniquet’s albums. Over two decades of guitar playing later, his love for music and performing is always evident.